Immunocal Scam

Immunocal Scam: Is Immunocal A Scam?


Immunocal is a patented nutritional supplement. It is defined in the Physician’s Desk Reference where it is listed as a nutraceutical, which is a food with medicinal value.Immunotec is the Canada based organization that promotes a revolutionary dietary supplement called Immunocal.

Immunocal is made from undenatured whey protein and is rich in an amino acid necessary for glutathione production called bonded cysteine. As such, I will use the term undenatured whey protein and Immunocal interchangeably on this page.

Immunotec is engaged primarily in the development and marketing of natural health products, dietary supplements, and personal care products, many of which are manufactured on its behalf by third parties.

Immunotec’s products are distributed and sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, The U.K., Ireland, the Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago through a network marketing system, and in other countries through exclusive distributorship agreements.

So, is Immunocal business a scam? On the contrary, it absolutely looks like a very solid company with a very good and well researched product line. However, as with every home business the key to success in Immunotec has nothing to do with the company or products itself, but everything to do with the marketing that you do for it. Particularly in today’s day and age, learning to market your Immunocal business online provides immense leverage and the quickest way to reach potential customers. The members in the development group of Immunotec decided that they would market Immunocal through a system of network marketing. But there are negative connotations that MLM’s have, and that explains why a page dedicated to “Immunocal Scam” was necessary.

            Immunocal Scam: Do The Products Work?            Immunocal Scam: Reputation

The Immunotec network has grown by leaps and bounds and they have added to their product line. They now also offer fiber, and two micro-peptides, Prycena, an appetite suppressant and fat metabolizer that use a concentration of dairy calcium, and Xtra Sharp, a long lasting energy tonic that contains minerals and herbs to eliminate periodic fatigue.

Overall the Immunotec business has a pretty standard network marketing compensation. But the key differentiator is the products which are definitely winners and sell like hot cakes.

Is joining the Immunotec team a get rich quick scheme? No. Youwill getyour product for free and make money depending upon your marketing strategy. If you do all the right things, is it possible to be rich? Yes of course. There are tons of examples. Some make no money in this business, others make a lot. If they do, it is because they have worked at it patiently and consistently for weeks and months, just as with any other legitimate business opportunity.
Immunocal is backed by over 30 years of research and 75 International Patents, and an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. You can access PubMed and the US Patent Office on this Research Page. Who should take this supplement?

Excepting the above, everyone! If you are healthy, you need high glutathione levels to stay healthy. If you are sick, you need high glutathione levels to bring your cells back to a state of optimal health.

The PDR listing specifically mentions “ Immunocal as a strategy developed to address states of glutathione deficiency... Glutathione deficiency states include, but are not limited to : HIV/AIDS, infectious hepatitis, certain types of cancers, cataracts, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, radiation, poisoning by acetaminophen and related agents, malnutritive states, arduous physical stress, aging, and has been associated with sub-optimal immune response.”

So if you fit into one of these categories, you should give special attention to raising your glutathione levels with this undenatured whey protein.

Immunocal Testimonials

Check out these Immunocal Testimonials to find out what the buzz is about.

Immunocal Scam: Conclusion

We recommend Immunotec to all of our friends, business partners, and visitors to this page without reservations. This is a franchise that is doing the research, commercialization, and distribution the right way.

To learn more about building your Immunotec business online, they further help you with cutting-edge network marketing training to help you build your business and get tons of leads for free.

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